Virtually every fitness study done points to functional team training as the path to attain the greatest results in the shortest span of time. There is no “magic bullet” to the quest for health and fitness, but, team training is the closest thing. Physiologically everyone in a team environment operates at a significantly higher level of performance than in a one-on-one training environment. Psychologically, no one wants to let the team down so everyone steps up their game to support the team effort.

We offer:

Foundations a low intensity interval training that last for 30 minutes and is structured for the functional training beginner. A beginner would normally stay at that level for a couple of weeks to 2 months before progressing on to another level.

Industrial Strength – a weight with cardio program that utilizes short bursts of exercise combined with short bursts of rest. IS incorporates Tabata, HIIT training AfterBurn- a cardio with weights program that is a cutting edge class that combines functional exercises, kettle bells, resistance & TRX suspension training, calisthenics and plyometrics with intervals of cardio to train you like a top athlete, but at a pace you can handle.

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