Group Fitness

Q4Fitness has turned Group Fitness into a healthy, challenging and inspiring addiction! Our group fitness instructors are certified in the world’s leading programs powered by Les Mills and Spinning. Whether you are looking for weight training, martial arts, high or medium intensity cardio, indoor cycling or a yoga-inspired work-out, we have a options that will change your life. We mix current music with cutting edge science to guarantee results. Our approachable, passionate team will help you get started in a new program, or take your experience to the next level. So get moving and join the Q4 community! Your fitness level will soar!


We proudly offer the world’s most respected and recognized indoor cycling program, Spinning®. Spinning classes offer a variety of rides, movements, coaching and motivation that keep riders safe, excited and engaged. Spinning has cultivated a program and global community that delivers the highest level of group indoor cycling. Our Spinning instructors take riders into their hearts, not just their classes.

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