keithRemaining active since high school, Keith Hollifield has often used himself as the test subject in fine-tuning the fitness methodology that he has successfully applied to many clients. Throughout the time spent striving to ever improve his client’s approach to fitness, Keith has only demanded one thing of himself: to always be at the forefront of current fitness knowledge in order to help his clients achieve maximum results in minimum time. A self described “fitness geek,” Keith remains on a constant search for the most relevant information in today’s fitness industry.
Holding certifications from NASM, ACE, AFAA and NETA, Keith uses his knowledge to inspire and improve not only the fitness, but the lifestyle of those who seek his help. Determined to enhance the day-to-day lives of as many people as possible, Keith has further taken it upon himself to study fitness applications for many specializations such as senior citizen training, pre-through-post natal fitness for women, youth exercise, and sports fitness (all certified through ACE), as well as studying group training through AFAA. In fact, many success stories come from Keith’s many boot camp clients. Furthermore, Keith follows almost 200 health and fitness experts from around the world in order to find that one missing link that can be used to help a troubled client succeed.
Because Keith feels that true fitness is a lifetime commitment, his goal is to provide each client with personalized workouts that are safe and effective and will maximize their individual potential. Keith believes that each client should be trained to be their own personal trainer. To achieve that goal, he approaches each client-trainer relationship from a perspective of teamwork, relaying information in a positive manner and giving guidance in order to allow every client to have the knowledge to give 100% to their transformation, both inside and outside the gym. The underlying philosophy is that together you will transform your body and achieve the best fitness of your life.??
My Goal is to provide you with a personalized, safe and effective fitness program that gets RESULTS.